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My work with you is designed for YOU!


BOGO Free!

Personal Coaching is a great option for everyone. I listen to understand, and help you plan, reflect, and tackle problems. Cognitive CoachingSM, distinct from other coaching models, is my default.  Engrossed in Service, LLC makes scheduling and fees as flexible as possible.  Take advantage of the BOGO free offer to get started. Use the link below to snag a remaining appointment.


What are your needs?

Engrossed in Service, LLC was created to give clients the valuable support they need at rates they are comfortable with paying. Every situation is unique to your context, so consulting will be designed to meet your specific goals and needs.  Schedule a session today and achieve next level results for your team or system.


Learning is key!

Engrossed in Service, LLC gives me the opportunity to give presentations and facilitate learning around the world.  I would love to design and deliver the learning your team needs, either virtually or in person.  My knowledge of andragogy & pedagogy makes learning interactive and effective.  Get in touch to specify your learning needs and to book your preferred dates.

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“Thank you! That might have been the most powerful 20 minutes of coaching I've ever experienced, and that's saying something!”

Alicia Moore, 
Coordinator of Learning Development

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Need to be coached?  I can support your thinking during a 1-on-1 coaching session, or a group coaching session with your team.  I am a Training Associate in Cognitive CoachingSM, part of Thinking Collaborative.  I provide the Foundation Seminar of Cognitive CoachingSM for groups interested in developing their own coaching identity.

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If you host a Foundation Seminar of Cognitive CoachingSM, all who participate in the eight day training will learn about the power of coaching.  Applying concepts of trust and choosing our words carefully help us personally and professionally. As coaching has gained popularity, I've learned that not all coaching is equal. I'm proud to assure you that the model of coaching I use and promote shows ultimate respect to the person being coached and has powerful results. 

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Experienced. Certified. Supportive.


"I always knew that if I was attending a "Kathy Gross" training, I was going to enjoy my learning and grow as a teacher and as a person.  I could always feel it in the room that you not only cared deeply about what you were teaching - and believed in what you were doing - but that we mattered to you." 

Carrie Aho, Teacher at Field Elementary, Springfield, MO

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“I always love attending any learning opportunity led by Kathy! She exudes professionalism, great knowledge, and provides the information and processing time in the perfect manner.”

Angie Carder, Principal of Gray Elementary, Springfield, MO

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Passionate Professional in Coaching & Education

Kathy Gross began Engrossed in Service, LLC in 2018 with a desire to continue serving others after her retirement from 28 years of service in public schools.  She is a Training Associate of Cognitive CoachingSM, and became a Consultant for Learning Forward in 2019.  Kathy is a respected educational leader who loves learning, presenting, facilitating and coaching. Her favorite categories of work are Cognitive CoachingSM, Kagan Cooperative Learning, Whole Faculty Study Groups, and Collective Efficacy.  She has experience with induction and a wide range of professional learning for teachers and leaders. She also loves teaching and helping students who are struggling, especially those who need help with behavior. She can provide support to teachers, guardians and parents.  

During her 28 years of service to Springfield Public Schools she enjoyed being a teacher, Assistant Principal and Principal, coach to teachers new to the career, Coordinator of Teacher and Leader Development, and Director of Professional Learning.  Kathy knew she wanted to be a teacher from the time she was a kindergartner and still believes that teaching is the most important profession. This belief led to acceptance of additional duties in roles that support and empower teachers and leaders.

Kathy graduated from the Learning Forward Academy in 2013.  She received her Specialist and M.S. degrees in Educational Administration from Missouri State University and her  B.A. in Education from Drury University in Springfield, Missouri.

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Let's connect!  Briefly describe your need and I will reply promptly.  Act quickly to secure remaining dates.

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